Why the Cake Gets Bigger When Shared

It seems that if I share my knowledge and skills with other people, I am at loss. It costs my strength, and in the end, also my money. Also, I might raise a competitor. Why then, should I share?

Day before yesterday we returned from Dar es Salaam. There I helped a colleague who works in a project for streetkids. I taught her to use her camera better, gave her tipps in taking better photos and helped her with the web page of her project partner. It was a lot of work, indeed, and still, there were things that made it worth, that “made the cake bigger”.

I got to know a number of people who do their work in an impressive way which I find motivating for my own work.

I was allowed to have a deeper look into the “scene” of Christian development work in Tansania, heard of hardships and problems and learned how people master these situations. This helps me, to assess my own environment better.

I got to know the Tanzanian culture a little better still.

Ahh, I am absolutely sure, that I have not trained a competitor, for each person applies what he has learned, a little differently and with it, creates something new.

I encourrage you, too, to share your knowledge and skills with somebody in need, and you will see, you get blessed in turn.

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