This one Thing You Should Know about the Rainbow


Fascinating, the rainbow, especially when you see it in a complete semi circle. Impressingly brilliant colours which have a mystic appearance. Many stories and myths are describing its meaning, and there is one more you should know.

Photo of a Rainbow
Rainbow seen in Dar es Salaam

Appart from its physical, mystical or religious aspects, there is also a judical significance. The rainbow is like a seal, a stamp under a declaration of intent, which God has given to man.

We have the declaring party: God. We have the recipient: man. We have the statement of will: God will not send another global flooding on this earth to extinguish man. We have the duration: for an unlimited period.

It seems interesting to me, that this declaration is unilateral. That is, God is giving a binding declaration without making it dependant on man’s consideration. That is how God is. God wants people to trust him without being forced.

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