Take a Breath – Alongside the Road

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Nowadays we travel a lot, allover the world. The faster, the better. And we see a lot. Really? We might see more if we stopped once in a while and take a break.

Coming from Mchinga and going to Kijiweni there is a place where the road crosses a valley. The river has water only in the rainy season. There is no bridge over the river bed, instead, there is a so called "Irish Bridge", which allows the Water to flow across the road.

Not much water this time.

The coast of Tanzania is hilly and there are numerous valleys leading to the Indian Ocean. Yet only comparatively few valleys have riverbeds that have water throughout the year. Many, like this one, only have water in the rainy season or when the flood pushes the seawater inland, sometimes one to three kilometers.

Farming sheds by the river bed
Farming sheds by the river

As mentioned already before, most people here earn a living through farming. Widely dispersed there are these sheds, built traditionally with wood and palm leaves, the walls built with stones and clay, sometimes cement. Farmers keep their tools here, and, as I assume, temporarily their harvest.

Baobab Tree
Baobab tree on the hilltop

On the hilltop above the valley there was a huge baobab tree. Wonderful, always a bit mystically looking trees. The wood cannot be used for construction or furniture because it is fibrous. But the fruits are used by the children here to make a delicious juice.

I suggest, you too take a break in your daily routine. Once in a while. Go for a walk. Have a coffee or tea, meet an old friend. It might change your perspective a little, it might help you take a deep breath - and get inspired again.

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