Suddenly in Heaven

Today we were driving from Lindi to Dar es Salaam. As we approached one of the bridges in the plain of Rufiji River, we saw huge pillars of smoke. Beyond the bridge the scrubland and grass were burning up to the edge of the road. I slowed down and turned the headlights on. As I proceeded suddenly I could not see anything of the road, only white smoke. It was as we had driven through Heaven. When we reached the other side, we found ourselves in the middle of the road. Fortunately there was no oncoming traffic!

Only later the true significance of the incident dawned on me. If a vehicle had approached from the other side towards us it would have hit us, and, possibly, sent us – to heaven, indeed. Thanks to God – and I do mean it, thanks to our living God, this has not happened.

(Photo: Evelyn Breitenbach)

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