One out of Four

End of last year there were more sunflower seeds brought to Kilimo Timilifu than before. Considerably more. Many farmers came, some came from Kilwa, which is about 120 km north of Mchinga, to have their sunflower harvest to be pressed to oil. For weeks the press was constantly working. Now the season has passed and the seeds have not yet been sown. Yet, around the buildings new sunflowers are already blooming.

Flower basket of sunflower

Sunflower, along with maize, rice and beans are the most frequent crops for food that are cultivated in Tanzania.

Sunflower are important for nutrition and the manufacturing of animal feeds. There is a great potential because they grow well in every part of the country, even in areas with little rain. Therefore they are fit for the coast (

Sunflowers at Kilimo Timilifu
Freely growing sunflowers next to the building

Kilimo Timilifu has recommended the farmers in the area to grow sunflowers because there is an increasing need and increasing harvests help to get less dependant on imports.

Feedmill Building at Kilimo Timilifu
Feedmill Building

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