One Friendship – Two Destinies

Featured Image: Suitcases at a busstop in Mchinga

Work has put them together – in an unspectacular village on the Southern coast of Tanzania, along the highway from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam. Denis was born here and went here to school. He was very happy to find a job when a small non-profit company began working here a couple of years ago.

Joshi came from afar. Two days he had to travel on a bus to get here. He was hired to be the supervisor for building maintenance and became Denis’ boss. In the course of time both young men became friends. Both gathered much experience in maintenance, construction and electrical installations. They worked together extremely well, and both were reliable in their work.

After work they also spent time with each other on the local soccer team that met after work to play on the beach.

Two friends

Joshi thought to enroll in a formal vocational training and Denis got married. Things went wel for them, in their friendschip, in the family. Also at work. The little company got established soon and was well known for their good quality products all over the region. They were in demand.

Then they stopped operation and almost all of the employees lost their jobs. For the two friends it came as a blow. Yes, they did hear about difficulties, but they did not think it came to an end and had hoped to the last.

Two Friends Waiting

Joshi was somewhat lucky. Friends of his had offered him work in the North of the country and decided to go there. The salary would be far less, but at least he knew the people there and was close to his family. Heavy hearted he packed up and when the day of departure came, he and Denis waited at the bus stop for the bus, that would take Joshi.

For Denis things look even worse. Since he has family and children, he is not free to go and look for a job somewhere else. He also lacks a formal vocational training. So what is left is occasional work and their small farm. But that is difficult to live from: there is an ongoing drought and prices for petrol and maize have gone considerably up.

Bus stop in Mchinga

All over the country there are small non-profit companies who do their best to provide work and improve the infrastucture. But their number is not sufficient, especially in our Region, the Region of Lindi. It has no extended infrastructure and the conditions for farming are most difficult. Many of those non-profits are not yet self supporting and need funds as well as experts from abroad to run self-sustaining and train the workers they need. But you can help make it possible, for people like Joshi and Denis to get a training and a job. Become a member of our team, either by coming and sharing your knowledge and experience, or by giving to others who can go.

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