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Raststätte Nangurukuru

Tanzanians love to travel. And buses allow to travel quickly, comfortably and for a reasonable price. Connections are good and you can get to each place in Tanzania. Of course much depends on the company you choose. Some are infamously famous for their short travelling times, and they care the heck about speedlimits or restrictions of passing. So, when you are in a hurry and don't care about your life, that's your choice. Other companies stick to the traffic rules, Again others ahave the better seats or on board service. And there are those who have the latest bus models. The Client has the choice.

Reisebus in Nangurukuru

Medium Sized Bus in Nangurukuru, Lindi Region

You got luggage? No problem. There's always a place for it. Bigger busses store it in the trunk, smaller ones on the roof. During rainy season you should wrapp your luggage waterproof.

Road stations are important. Buses stop here for their passengers to have food, see the restroom and stretch their legs. Nangurukuru is such a place. People here get on or off the bus, or they change buses. In the photo you see on the side two "piki-piki", which are motorcycle taxis, waiting to take some passengers to their final destination. It is busy here. There are several shops where the traveller is able to supply himself with food, sweets and drinks for the next stage of his journey. Restrooms are plentyful - which is necessary because the break is often only 10 minutes. That is, things have to be fast. The busdriver honks his horn twice - and off he goes.

Fernreisebus bei Mchinga

Modern Luxory Bus Passes Salt Farm Near Mchinga Village (Lindi Region)

On some buses the passenger is served snacks or "chai" (Tanzanian breakfast). But this is comparatively rare and only those travelling on the luxory seats can enjoy it. But the busdrivers now and then stop to give street vendors a chance to sell food, snacks, fruits or water. Sometimes the busdriver allow vendors to board the bus and sell their things on the bus. He drops them after a few kilometers and they take the next hitch back.

There is no developed online shop infrastructure in Tanzania. However, there is a very functuional system. When you need something from the next city or Dar es Salaam, you order it from the shop, or you commission a person you know to buy it for you. They will put it on the next bus and the conductor will drop it at its destination. You better make sure somebody is there to pick it  up.

The bus system in Tanzania has proven to be very efficient and practical. And it amazes me again and again.

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