Lindi Town, the next bigger town near us, is at the Lindi Bay and it is a goreous sight overlooking the entire bay when coming down the road to Lindi. The other side of the bay, Kitanda, we had not yet seen, is it separated from Lindi Town by the Lukuledi River, which, at that point, is aproximately 500 m wide.

"Ferryman!" The little ferry that is bringing people across, had formerly served at the Rufiji River about 200 km north, before it came to Lindi. Lindi Ferry has a strict schedule. If you miss it, you missed it. Next boat in an our or two.

Whenever I board a ferry in Africa, I am getting a little nervous. I have to maneuver my car past pedestrians, bicycles and motorbikes. On the boat I have a little time to look around. I wonder, how many sacks the motorbike is capable to take? Then I notice the mango the driver had squeezed under the rubber band holding his load. I smile. I had done it the same way. Many sacks and bags are standing about and I am unable to figure out who they belong to.

What I think is exotic, it is everyday life for the people who live here. 500 Shillings is the fare per person. That is € 0,20. But for the people here it is a lot of money. That is what you pay for a coconut or a ballpointpen better quality.

On landing I had to wave somebody to move a sack, that was put in front of my car. He did it, then I realized, it was not his own. I waved to him and slowly drove off the boat.

View on Lindi Bay from the other side

Kuchele Beach with fishing boats

We were late for the last ferry and three cars were already before us. I wondered If they'd let me on the boat, I had no idea how many cars would fit. And I had no idea, if the captain would come back for us or leave us there. In the end, everything went well and we safely returned.

Rückfahrt Kitanda Ferry

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