Past the Limits

Gutes Neues Jahr!
The years 2020 and 2021 in my impression have been years at the limits for many of us - and COVID has played a vital role in it. For the coming new year we all hope we can get passed the limitations.

The street between Tunduru and Masasi is one of the most beautiful which we have travelled so far in Tanzania. Coming through a large plain with scrubs there all for a sudden appear massive rocks which appear to be in our way. The road seems to lead past the rocks but only minuts later we right through inbetween two of them. How impressive and how unexpected!

A new year now, and we all hope it will be better. We might find that there are still obstacles, and many of the same nature that we have experienced in the past two years. Where does our way lead us? No way past, now way over or underneath, but with the help of Jesus there is a way through. As Jesus has said in John 6, 36: He who comes to me I will not reject.

We wish you a blessed, and successful new year 2022, past the limits through the challenges with a limitless God.

Alexander and Evelyn.

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