Two by Two

Blog by Alexander and Evelyn Breitenbach, preparing for service in development aid in Tanzania, Africa.

"Two by Two" relates to Jesus sending out 70 disciples in teams of two (Lk. 10: 1-24)
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▲ Academy f. Intl. Cooperation

Learning at a Distance

Under normal circumstances there are many people who meet here at the Campus of the Academy for International Coperation near Bonn, Germany. Yet this year, we are learning at a distance. This is odd - in a sense. ...
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▲ Gateway to the inner court of Waldenbuch Castle

One Step Further

Finally done! Stowed, sold, given away, broken up the household. The apartment freshly painted and cleaned up. Tuesday after Pentecost the apartment was passed over to the landlort without problems, our belongings stored in the car and then we left for Waldenbuch, a little town near Stuttgart. This place will be our home for the time being. And yet, the week before it looked as if...
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Railroad Lines

In Times Like These

The Corona Virus that presently is spreading all around the globe is affecting our economy, our relationships and our mobility in ways that are of no equal. Even our religious activities are almost put to a halt by this pandemic. "Rien ne va plus!" - things have come to a standstill. Does this query God's call? Or does it put God's work in this world to an end? ...
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After this Jesus appointed 70 others. He sent them out two by two ahead of him. They went to every town and place where he was about to go.

Luke 10:1
Flag Tanzania

Well, Where'd You Wanna Go?

The good ol' neighbours of Abraham might have asked him the very same question when he packed his belongings and set out.
"Well," he might have answered, "going to a land God is showing me."
"Uhh... Been there already?"
"Well, gotta know what the odds are before you leave, ayn't ya?"
"What? Aye. God knows the right place and I rely on him."
Now, we were asked the same question.
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Das Projekt, bei dem wir mithelfen dürfen:

Kilimo Timilifu

Kilimo Timilifu is a non-profit business located near the city of Lindi, by the southern coast of Tanzania. Not far from the Indian Ocean, the coastal strip is one of the regions with the lowest precipitation in the country. Acidic soil and erosion of top soil make it even more difficult for agronomy. ...
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He has planted eternity in the human heart.

Eccl. 3, 11 (NLT)