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Letters from Mchinga

Newsletter by Alexander and Evelyn Breitenbach
X-Mas Edition 24. December 2022
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Christmas decoration in our living room

Dear friends, we wish you a merry Christmas
and a good, very good, new year!

There is a famous German Christmas song: "Macht hoch die Tür, die Tor macht weit, es kommt der Herr der Herrlichkeit." (Open up the door, open wide the gate! He comes, the LORD of Glory)

We sing this song often in the advent season. In the time when this song was composed, cities had a solid wall around them with heavy gates. This was necessary to protect the inhabitants from attacks. If someone wanted to leave - or to enter the city, the gate had to be opened. Was, for example, the king coming to visit, many people would get to the gate to welcome the visitor. Daily routine was forgotten. There were the mayor, the council, business men, guard, common people. To welcome the king. That is the scene set by the song.

I can not imagine that anyone was so busy that he did not come to the gate. I also cannot imagine, that the people forgot to open the gate. And yet I have the impression that this exactly is happening today. Christmas - we are celebrating the arrival of the King, God's Son Jesus, and we keep doing our daily - or even Christmas - routine.

Even Evelyn and I are tempted. We are in a foreign culture, there is no Christmas decoration in town or in the villages, not even in the churches. There is no snow and the weather is hot. Nothing there that could get us into a Christmas mood. Consciously we have to set aside time to think, to remember why there is Christmas, take time to open the "gates" of our hearts and minds to let Christ in.

We wish you a good and blessed Christmas season and a good new year with Christ in your hearts.

Alexander und Evelyn.

Evelyn has found an African Kanga with a pattern well suited for Christmas deco

It is Raining, but not Everywhere

This year has been very dry and the rain for this short rainy season around Christmas is late. Usually it comes by end of November. Two days before Christmas it has begun to rain. Heavily, with lightning and thunder. Three times it bolted very close to our house, and then the electricity was gone. Yet, it is more important that it is raining. Rain means food, and the people here welcome the rain. Yet, though it is raining here in Lindi, 35 km north in Mchinga, there were our partner organisation Kilimo Timilifu have their farm, it has not yet rained.
(Note: On Christmas day it has also started to rain in Mchinga.)

The backyard of our house. It's raining "cats and dogs".

Road to Kilimo Timilifu in Mchinga, a week ago. Everything is dry yet.

Supervisors of Kilimo Timilifu during the Workshop "Taking better photos with your smart phone"

About Work

Workshops for KT Workers

Photos are permanently needed at Kilimo Timilifu - for PR purposes, and they should be update. The first who are at any location of significant work are the Supervisors, and they are the ones who also have a decent phone camera with them. So why not equip them with the knowledge and skills to take better photos of work and people?

So I taught a course about smart-phone camera, composing a photo, eliminating things that should not in the picture, how to hold the phone when taking photos, editing photos and sharing them over the internet.

The workshop was very well accepted and on top of it, we had a lot of fun! Below are some examples by the participants:

Ernest: "Hard-Top"

Justina: "The Cook"

Joel: "My Shadow"

Impress with Impress

A few days before Christmas I conducted another workshop for the people in the Kilimo Timilifu administration. "Impress with Impress", or: How to make computer presentations with the Libre Office program Impress.

This was very challenging for the participants because there were many functions and subfunctions to learn and the rules in general of how to organise a presentation, even down to the advice: "Take your own cables, don't rely on what is there on location.".

About Life

It is not a print on the T-Shirt, it is a real lobster!.

Some weeks ago we were offered this awsome lobster at the fish market in Lindi. Fortunately Evelyn knows how to prepare and cook it.

On the right: The Tanzanian Christmas tree, called like this because it is blooming around Christmas. .

Guess who....

Us together with the pastor and elders of our church, Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania, taken after the Christmas service and the Christmas party.

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